Start with a Positive 2018

When making the start to change things about life, or on a personal level, starting at the beginning of a new period gives the extra push to solidify the changes. Whether it is a new week, month or year – start fresh and plan what to change. Here are a few places to start to make 2018 a more positive year:

  • Clean out your friends list, make your social media your positive place.
    • To many this seems like a waste of time, but to a subconscious it is a must do when forging a positive you. There are many good articles to read to help with the mind set, this is the perfect one to start with. In this social media age, we need to have control of our feed. Rolling your eyes at Sad Sally all day, who you shared a class with 20 years ago isn’t worth the headache. Just unfriend. If you feel the need to hide their posts, just unfriend. A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t have coffee with them hypothetically, just unfriend. When we share, share, share, we forget how important privacy and friendship are. A positive feed will give you a positive boost. This is definitely not to say, “lead a sheltered fantasy life” like ignoring news, or people that don’t have the same views with you. But more to say, “be aware of your surrounding influences. Check out these pages > Tiny Buddha, Positive Energy, and search for accounts that share stuff regarding your interests!
  • Accept what you can’t change, leave the stressing over it in 2017.
    • It is too easy to fall into the rut of stressing out over things that are out of our control. But harder to change the mind set and move past them to things that we can control. A great way to begin working through this is to make a list. Seeing the controllable verses the non-controllable in life on paper gives it a manageable feel. For each controllable item, brain storm a few solutions. For each non-controllable item, list why it isn’t controllable. Decide if it is a must tolerate item, or if can be replaced, given a positive spin or fixed. On the items that you can’t control but must tolerate, come to terms with them. This is only a moment in time, and it will pass. Don’t waste the next moment worrying about anything that isn’t controllable.
  • Create attainable goals, with baby steps, & just go for it. You’ve got it!
    • There is no time like the present to start reaching for goals! The best piece of advice is to not let life just happen, make it happen. Set a large goal. I want to start a small business. Map out smaller goals. Research similar businesses, and dissect them. or Research and create a list of needs to get started. or Think of Business Name. What ever it takes to add check marks to the larger goal. Don’t be the person 20 years from now regretting not take the chance. This is the year to make a mark.
  • Think Positive. With each negative, make the effort to find a positive.
    • No one is saying thinking positive means, there won’t be any sad days. Or that bad times will be non-existent. To make the choice to think positive, is saying shit happens. But from this shit a flower will grow. A lost job, may be an opportunity in disguise. Being snowed in for a week with crazy kids, could be a nightmare, or it could be an opportunity to reconnect as a family. Whatever brings out the negative comments, will have a positive spin waiting to be found. Get mad, feel the emotion of the bad event/moment/etc. Then work to make it a positive. What good can come out of this moment? At first it will be a taxing effort, catching the negative thoughts, and reworking them to find the positive. But eventually it will be subconscious, and you will be happier for it. Positive thoughts breed positive thoughts.

Own 2018, make it the year of Positive.

Let me know your goals in the comments! What do you want to do this year?

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