Purple Polka Dot Baby Shower


I started to help put it together and decorate for it. 🙂 I think for planning it in a two week period it turned out pretty good. There were a few decor items I didn’t end up using but I’m going to post them anyways to give others ideas. I LOVE decorating for parties / weddings / etc.!

We had the following foods:

*Purple Punch ~cooks.com~

– 4 pks grape Kool-Aid

-46 oz. Pineapple Juice

-1 pt. Raspberry Sorbet

-2 c. sugar

-1 qt. water

-1 qt. Ginger Ale

*Cheese Tray


-Pepper Jack


*Meat Tray




*Fresh Bakery Bread



*Fruit Tray




*Spinach Dip

*Club Crackers

*Fruit Dip

-Cream Cheese

-Marshmallow Puff

-Purple Dye

Water Bottle Labels
Toothpick / Straw Covers
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