Need a few words of Encouragement?

Some days, when I am having a hard month or week, someone will come to me and off a few words of encouragement. Those passing “you will get through this” words bring a smile to my face every time it happens. I want to be that person for anyone who needs it. Whether it’s you, […]

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Start with a Positive 2018

When making the start to change things about life, or on a personal level, starting at the beginning of a new period gives the extra push to solidify the changes. Whether it is a new week, month or year – start fresh and plan what to change. Here are a few places to start to […]

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5 Ways to be more Positive

Life is busy, messy and hard to handle at times. It’s easy to make sure the needs of those around us are met before our own. But what about ourselves? How to we keep going when it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day for all that needs to be accomplished? We remember […]

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