A New Look, and a New Perspective.

A fresh look for a new beginning! Over the next month or so you will see many changes here at the website. I have been doing a great deal of soul search this year do to being laid off and other factors.

Throughout my life I have always been a problem solver & a voice of encouragement to many I know. In grade school people would flock to me with their problems so I could help work through them. This trend has continued for my entire life, and I really do love it. At 32 you’d think that I would have long known what I wanted to do with my life, but I am just now realizing how rewarding it is to me to encourage others.

My favorite past times are watching those around me accomplish their goals. I want to empower people to not give up, to look for the positive and to defy the odds. I have recently realized this is something I could actually turn into a career! So I am going to pursue my dream to become a Positive Psychology Coach. We all need that positive voice in the back, telling us to just keep trying. I want to be that voice for you.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you’ve probably noticed my daily positive musings, these sayings encourage me daily, and I hope they do the same for you.

I’ve begun the process of creating an exclusive members only group, that I will use to host 30 members at a time, and give them the support they need to change their outlook and achieve their goals.

If you are someone that would be interested in being apart of this paid members only group feel free to contact me below!


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