5 Ways to be more Positive

Life is busy, messy and hard to handle at times. It’s easy to make sure the needs of those around us are met before our own. But what about ourselves? How to we keep going when it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day for all that needs to be accomplished?

We remember to schedule a time to take a deep breathe and revitalize ourselves.

A great way to take care of yourself is by re-framing your mind in a positive manner. It is easy to fall into the rut of negative thoughts. I find myself struggling with this daily, but I want to set myself the goal to be more positive. Positive and negative vibes are contagious, I know it seems strange but pay attention to the people around you. When someone is having a bad day, or the cheery person of the office, you can feel their energy and it often effects your mood.

The positive vs. negative mind set goes deeper than your surroundings, it is within ourselves. At times it feels like everything is going wrong, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. This is the hardest point to adapt to a positive mind set, but it is also the most crucial time to do it. By searching for the positive in our day and ourselves we can discover the light at the end of the tunnel faster than if we were to continue to dwell on our miss fortunes.

  1. Take Note – Start a journal, jar or list app and write down one positive thing for each day. By reminding ourselves of a positive moment from that day we are training our brain to think of the positive. At the end of a set period, or when you are feeling extra down, look through those positive thoughts. Remind yourself that this is just a moment in time, it will pass and the next moment is still in our control.
  2. Break it down – Don’t let a large task over power you. Break it down to small more achievable goals. Tasks such as finding a new job or figuring out how to pay your past due bills can be much more manageable when you readdress them into smaller goals. Set yourself a goal to apply for x amount of jobs per day or put your bills in order of urgency and work through one at a time. Calling each company to see how they can help you get paid up. By creating smaller goals you set yourself up for success. So with each little win you can cheer yourself onto the next one.
  3. Spread Encouragement – When we cheer our friends and family on, the happiness is contagious. Create yourself a support network of people that will join you in your goal to living a more positive life. It is amazing how much difference it makes to have that network to turn to when your thoughts turn negative. Our lives and battles weren’t meant to be faced alone, don’t force yourself to do it. Find a tribe.
  4. Forgive Yourself & Others – Holding onto anger from the past whether it is at ourselves or someone else is only going to create more negative thoughts. Let it go. Every event in our lives leaves us with a lesson, we can grow from it or let it weigh us down. By forgiving someone you are not saying “I’m okay with how you hurt me” but instead saying “I am at peace with what happen, and I will not let it happen again.” This is important because once we are able to release the hate and pent up aggression towards people and ourselves, then we can clear our minds. I stress adding ourselves into this because we are only human, and will make mistakes. It’s easier to dwell on them, but more productive to learn from them and know how to prevent it from happening again. We are hardest on ourselves, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
  5. Find your Saying – One of the easiest ways to turn your negative thoughts around is to find a saying or quote that speaks to you and repeat it. When your day is daunting, or you’re feeling low repeat your personal motto. I’ve already used mine in this post! “This is only a moment in time, the next moment is in my control.” Taking a breath during a stressful day, and repeating this to myself can turn my mood around. I know it’s only a moment, every year is filled with millions of moments. Am I going to let this moment control me, or will I control it? Take time to do a search for “empowering quotes” browse until you find one that speaks to you. Make it your own and use it to turn your day around when ever you need to.

You can do this, I can do this, we can do this. Say it, Repeat it, Believe it.

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